Digital Sector Bid Writing

Our bidding experts have over 60 years of experience and an 87% success rate. We can help you succeed.

Do you need support with your RFP responses?

Winning contracts in this sector requires an in-depth knowledge of digital sector bid writing. Don’t worry if you’re new to the UK bidding process (or ‘the tendering process’, as it’s known in the UK) or if you have lost bids in the past. As well as our Technology Tenders portal, we offer bid writing support to help you win the RFPs you find on the system. This support comes courtesy of our sister company, Hudson Succeed. The Succeed Team have helped numerous clients with UK bid writing and proudly hold an 87% success rate.

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Are You New to the World of Bidding in the UK?

Don’t worry. We know that bidding can seem daunting at first.

The Tender Ready program is for businesses who are new to bidding. Our Bid Writers will create the company literature that you will need when bidding for work. Once the program is complete, you’ll have access to three days’ worth of bid consultancy.

The Ad-Hoc Bid Writing Solution

The service includes writing your RFP responses as well as submitting the final bid on your behalf.

This is our ad-hoc bid writing service. Tender Writing is the perfect solution for businesses who need to produce a one-off bid, but don’t have the internal resources. Our team of Bid Writers will write your RFP responses and submit the bid on your behalf. To get started, simply send the RFP specification to us and let our team do the rest.

Supporting You for Improved Bidding Success

Our Bid Writers will analyze your previous RFP responses and highlight any areas for improvement.

This package was designed to support businesses who are already bidding, but not seeing success. During the program, our Bid Writers will assess your previous bids and highlight any areas for improvement. Once the program is complete, you’ll have access to three days’ worth of bid consultancy.

Mastering Bid Responses

Our guide and review service enables you to confidently submit an error-free bid.

Our guide and review service is the perfect final step before submitting any bid. As part of this service, our Bid Writers will assess your RFP responses. They will check for any grammar or content mistakes that could result in lost marks. You can then submit your RFP with confidence.

Learning at Your Own Pace

Helping you learn about the UK bidding process via fun and engaging online master classes.

The best thing? Our introductory courses are completely free! Learn about UK RFPs and start winning work with Tender VLE.

Digital Sector Bid Writing Experience

Our team at Hudson Succeed have been working with digital sector clients for decades. They have supported businesses in multiple sub-sectors including:

– Software
– Website development and design
– Security systems
– Network services, to name a few.

Our Managing Director, Jill Hudson, has been helping businesses in the digital sector to grow for almost two decades. During this time, she has worked with companies in countries around the globe.

The Succeed Team is trusted by over 700 businesses globally and they’re just a phone call away.

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