Technology Tenders – Coming soon

Published19th June 2016 AuthorJohn Hudson

Technology Tenders – Coming soon

Technology Tenders, a tendering platform specifically for the technology sector is due to launch next month from its head office in Durham.

The system is aimed at helping the UK’s thriving technology sector, to continue with its excelled growth by supporting businesses with securing both private and public tenders across the UK. The team at Technology Tenders will do this by providing subscribing businesses with a steady stream of new business opportunities across various sub tech sectors including IT Tenders, Software Tenders and Hardware Tenders to their inbox.

The system is the brainchild of husband and wife team John and Jill Hudson who have been working alongside each other for over a decade on multiple technology platforms and ventures.

The business aims to take the technology world by storm with targets to secure 3,000 subscribers in its first 36 months.

The product has been developed as part of a wider inter-trading platform Technology Tenders, and will run alongside existing platforms Creative Tenders (


Future plans for the company include new sector platforms. Once each system is uploaded the business will create a powerful inter-trading platform Hudson Discover where subscribers to each platform will sell and buy to support the growth of the UK economy.

Launch date has been scheduled for 1st July 2016 so to book an early demo of the product, call the Technology Tenders team or email

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