Everything You Need to Know About IoT Tenders

Published17th January 2021 AuthorJohn Hudson

What are IoT tenders and how can you win them?

IoT is still a fairly new market, but one with huge potential and investment heading its way. It’s being branded as the 4th industrial revolution. There has been a steep rise in technology and digitisation in recent years. Due to this, businesses, councils and the government are turning to smart solutions for their everyday problems. Smart Cities, health and wellness are the future.

Many organisations are at different stages of the procurement of IoT infrastructure and devices. The connectivity that IoT relies upon is getting better and better – particularly with the arrival 5G.

Because IoT can be applied to pretty much anything, IoT tenders can be found in numerous sectors. For example:

  • Healthcare
  • Technology
  • Logistics
  • Construction
  • Research
  • Facilities

There are IoT tenders in a broad range of sub-categories. These can include:

  • Home – chore automation and security
  • Offices – security and energy
  • Factories – operations and equipment optimisation
  • Retail environments – automates checkouts
  • Worksites – operations optimisation, health and safety
  • Human – including health and fitness
  • Outside – logistics and navigation
  • Cities – Smart Cities, utilities, public health and transportation
  • Transport – self-driving vehicles and condition-based maintenance
  • Infrastructure
  • Cyber security
  • Research and development

Here are some past examples of IoT tenders from our portal:

CCSW – AI, Robotics, Sensors/IOT

In-tend Education Portal- Yorkshire and Humber- Budget: Undisclosed

IOT IT Equipment Stage 2

City College Plymouth- South West- Budget: £120,000

Two-Phase Multi-Supplier Framework Agreement for Low Cost, Retro-fit, End-to-End, Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions to Alert, Monitor and Report on Ring Buoy Theft

Dublin City Council- International- Budget: £750,000

IOT Oceangate IT Equipment

City College Plymouth- South West- Budget: £85,000

Fibre Optical Acoustic Sensing, Internet of Things and Smart CCTV Technologies Testing for addressing Remote Condition Monitoring Challenges

Network Rail Infrastructure Ltd- London- Budget: Undisclosed

Why IoT businesses tender for work

Tendering is one of the best business development routes for new companies, particularly for SMEs. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some businesses may be finding it hard to strategise, particularly when looking for work. However, tendering is a good route to go down because it can secure work for your business if you’re successful. Tendering for work is a great option because it can continue with the business development stream, especially because you can do it working from home.

There are a lot of tenders with reactive times to deliver and the procurement departments are all still working across the UK. It’s very important to build up a pipeline so you can deliver in the future as well as now.

If you’re new to the tendering process, it’s all about strategising. You need to make sure you have enough corporate literature behind you to set the foundations to see success from your tendering efforts. Every tender and opportunity are different so it’s important to assess every bit of the requirements in the tender application. Think of the ideal response, keep in mind your competitors and think about what they can offer.

Some advantages of tendering for work are:

  • Guaranteed pay.
  • You can increase your experience.
  • Make new contacts.
  • Sustainability for your business.
  • You can take control of your delivery. 

A pro tip for applying for IoT tenders:

When applying for IoT tenders, there are a couple of accreditations you might need to have. These could include ISO 27001 and IASME Gold. IASME Gold is a recent accreditation that will put you ahead of the game, as very few businesses have them.

How we can help with your IoT Tender:

If you’re struggling with your IoT tender, we can help. We offer four services that can help with your bid. We have 40 years of experience across numerous procurement sectors.

Bid Writing Support

Our bid writing experts have an 87% success rate. Whether you’re tendering for the first time, or simply need advice on improving your success rate we can help. We have four packages:

A subscription to Technology Tenders includes:

  • Unlimited portal access. You can browse the portal to your heart’s content. See hundreds of opportunities, intuitively categorised and easily accessible.
  • A dedicated Account Manager. They’ll handle any queries you may have about the portal. They can also answer tendering related questions.
  • A free, 20-minute phone consultation with a Bid Writer at our Hudson Succeed division. Our expert consultants will chat to you for 20-minutes about anything tender related. This could be questions about the process or a requirement in an IoT tender that you don’t understand.
  • A daily email bulletin sent directly to your inbox. When you sign up to the portal, you will choose the specific areas in which you would like to tender. Then, a bespoke daily bulletin is created for you with all the relevant opportunities that have been posted to the portal that day. You’ve got unlimited portal access, but the daily bulletin makes things even easier, saving you even more time.

On Technology Tenders, we post contracts for:

These are just a few categories in which we source tenders, amongst others. If you can’t see your service offering on here, why not get in touch with the Technology Tenders team? They can offer more insight into how the portal can benefit your business.

Why should you choose our Technology Tenders Portal?

Our portal is different – we don’t rely on CPV codes, which are often confusing and vague. We manually search through thousands of opportunities every day to bring you the most relevant contracts.

The portal search function is incredibly easy to use. You don’t need to search for hours to find your perfect technology tender. All you need to do is use the simple search function. You can filter your results by keyword, industry, budget, region and more. Our portal is fully streamlined, enabling you to focus on your business.

Technology Tenders is a broad term, under which procurement for a wide variety of services occurs. These tenders could take on various forms. For example:

  • A single supplier contract. One supplier is successful in having responded to the Invitation to Tender (ITT). This supplier will likely be the one which proposed one of the lowest costs for the services, as well as scoring one of the highest in the method statements or quality response.
  • A framework agreement. The best scoring suppliers are awarded a place on the framework. Frameworks are more start-up/new company friendly as there is a higher chance of success. These may also contain ‘lots’ – dividing the services required to ensure that companies can bid for the lot that they can deliver.
  • A DPS register. These contracts run for years at a time and successful suppliers are continuously added as and when they apply. They’re also great for new businesses.

Our portal posts all stages of tenders. Whether it’s just the Pre-Qualification Questionnaire, an ITT, or a Request for Quote – Technology Tenders has it all.

If you want to know more about how Technology Tenders could help your business, contact our team today. Our team can provide a free live trial, so you can try before you buy.

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