An Expert Guide to Website Development Tenders

Published18th January 2022 AuthorJohn Hudson

How to find and win website development tenders

Are you trying to find website development tenders for your business but don’t know where to start? Once you’ve found the perfect tender, do you know how to secure the contract for your business?

By the end of this blog, you’ll know how to find website development tenders and write the perfect tender response.

Tips for winning website development tenders for your business  

  1. Use clear, concise language

To secure website development tenders for your business, you need to produce a well-written tender response. You should avoid complicated jargon and communicate with simple, clear and concise language. 

  1. Stick to formatting instructions

To win website development tenders, you need to stick to formatting instructions. This includes word counts, page limits and design guidance.

When the buyer has specified a word count, your response should be as close to this as possible. If they’re looking for a 500-word response, a few sentences won’t suffice. They’ve stated the word count for a reason, after all.

  1. Demonstrate added value

In the public sector, contracts must have a minimum weighting of 10% for social value. Therefore, you’re more likely to win website development tenders if you demonstrate added value in your tender response. This means you should consider the social, economic and environmental aspects of the contract, such as:

  • How you’ll support COVID-19 recovery
  • What you’ll do to encourage economic growth
  • How you’ll create new skills and jobs
  • What you’ll do to tackle climate change.
  1. Show your experience

In most cases, the buyer will expect to see at least 2 – 3 case studies from the last 3 – 5 years. They want to be reassured that your business is able to deliver the work, on time and in budget.

When you’re bidding for website development tenders, your contract examples should be similar in size, scope and complexity. If it’s not relevant to the buyer’s project, you shouldn’t include it in your tender response.

  1. Be the MEAT

If you’re tendering for website development tenders in the public sector, the buyer will award the contract to the MEAT.

MEAT stands for most economically advantageous tender. To be the MEAT, you need to offer the highest quality services for the lowest price.

In summary

When it comes to website development tenders, there are certain things you can do to increase your chances of success. You should produce a well-written tender response that uses clear, concise language. It’s also important that you stick to the formatting instructions. If the buyer has specified a word count, make sure you stick to it.

You’re more likely to win the contract if you demonstrate social value in your response. As well as this, you need to show the buyer that you have relevant experience.

Finally, the buyer is looking for the most economically advantageous tender. This means they’re looking for the highest quality services for the lowest price.

Are you searching for website development tenders?

Technology Tenders can save you time on trolling through 1000s of sites. We source tendering opportunities so that you can focus on running your business.

What makes Technology Tenders different?

We use manual tracking

Other portals rely on the Common Procurement Vocabulary (CPV) codes to categorise tenders. However, they have been known to be ambiguous and file tenders under the wrong codes. This means you could be missing out on opportunities to tender.

Instead of using CPV codes, our Opportunity Trackers manually tag contracts they find to ensure they reach the right businesses. You can filter all live tenders using keywords, industry, location and budget to find the best opportunities for your business.

Below are 5 examples of past website development tenders that we’ve sourced on Technology Tenders:

Website Design, Support & Maintenance – Falmouth Town Council

Falmouth Town Council – South West – Budget: £55k

Website Replacement Tender

Worcestershire County Council – West Midlands – Budget: £100k

Support, Development & Maintenance of the Website Estate for the RAF

Ministry of Defence – South East – Budget: £550k

SMT – Design & Build of SLWP Website

The Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames – London – Budget: Undisclosed

Provision of ACE Aware Wales Website Re-Design & Functionality Improvements

NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership Procurement Services (Hosted By Velindre University NHS Trust) – Wales – Budget: Undisclosed

What we can offer you 

Bid writing support

So, you’ve found the website development tenders that you want to go for but can’t find the right words. Our expert bid writers at Hudson Succeed can support you at every stage of your tender. They can answer any questions you may have about the process. From passing the pre-qualification questionnaire (PQQ) to finalising your response.

Our bid writers have an 87% success rate and over 40 years of bid writing experience. We offer tender support through four services:

Tender Writing

Simply send the bid specification to our team and they’ll write the website development tender response for you. They’ll even submit the bid on your behalf.

This service is priced per bid and we provide a full Tender Writing breakdown. You’ll know how long it’ll take, what we’ll need from you and when you’ll see an initial and final draft.

Tender Improvement 

Our bid writers will assess your previous tender responses and work with you to develop improved content.

Tender Mentor

Our team will analyse your content and check for any errors before you submit your tender response.

Tender Ready

Tender Ready helps businesses that are completely new to the tendering process. We offer a three-stage process and a 4-week programme.

Book a free, live demo to gain further insight into our services and see which opportunities can benefit your business.

On Technology Tenders, we post contracts for:

These are just a few categories in which we source technology tenders. We add new opportunities to our portal every day. The scope of buyers for whom you could deliver work is always expanding.

Now is the time for Technology Tenders – unlock your company’s potential.

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